The goldor’mosaico glass mosaic series opalino is a particularly successful reflection of traditional natural mother-of-pearl tiles. Whether flat-surfaced or integrated into other wall and floor cladding – opalino is wherever used to a considerable degree.

The subtle shimmer, the shining brilliancy, the mysterious light facets lend unrivaled elegance and radiance. Due to the wide range of colors and lighting, this series is extremely adaptable to the further architectural concept


The goldor’mosaico series opalino can be used for the following projects:

Wall and floor coverings
Inside and outside
For private or business premises and facilities
Also swimming pools or attraction pools and facades

Glass mosaic formats

20 x 20 x 4 mm

Order number

OS – dazu Artikelcode(Beispiel: OS – W20.01(4))

Color Palette OPALINO

Note: The color reproduction displayed on the monitor can differ slightly from the original colors.