The innovative nanomosaic sealing technology developed especially for this type of glass mosaic also appeals to goldor’mosaico. Subsequently applied, this invisible coating acts as a respiratory-active moisture brake and absolute anti-stick component.

Moisture does not penetrate the walls, dirt, grease and soaps bubble with the water; Calcium deposits are prevented and algae or mold formation, which results from moist subsoils, is effectively kept away. This long-term protection preserves the brilliance of the glass mosaic and facilitates cleaning and maintenance work.

At the same time, it offers a high potential for time and cost savings.

Nanotechnology occurs in a region between individual atoms or molecules and larger groups of atoms or molecules. Nano objects can have physical or chemical properties that are not observed with larger (macroscopic) objects.

Outstanding Features


Nanomosaic sealing as an additional, absolutely invisible coating gives the goldor’mosaico glass mosaics outstanding sustainable properties:

Dirt, grease, soaps, limescale, etc. pearls with the water from algae and mold formation is effectively enhanced by the nanomosaic moisture barrier. Nourishing surfaces reduce the cleaning effort noticeably (in frequency, duration, force exertion and care agent use) improved value retention and noticeable cost reduction in the Maintenance recognized cleanliness, easy to reach, hygienically radiant shine

HighTec sealing technology

Nnomosaic is a special sealing fluid developed on the basis of chemical-physical nanotechnology for goldor’mosaico glass stones and their grouting. The ultra-long lasting, long-lasting protection does not allow moisture to penetrate the mosaic surfaces, walls or floors, while at the same time producing an excellent performance of watery, oily, greasy and soapy liquids.

Since dirt and limescale residues can not be determined correctly on the nanomosaic seal, the cleaning effort is considerably reduced in every way. Aggressive cleaning agents are no longer required, the original brilliance in the precious mosaic remains permanently.